Thursday, January 13, 2011

Phillie Phanatic: Stop Crashing Weddings

We all love the Phillie Phanatic. Best mascot in sports, hands down. If the Phanatic were to commit vehicular manslaughter with his ATV at a home game, there'd be 45,000 people there who didn't see shit. That's how much we love our mascot.

But lately, the Phanatic has been "crashing weddings" at an alarming clip all across the Delaware Valley. FIVE weddings since mid 2010 have videos of the Phillie Phanatic crashing their wedding? Do you know what this means?

Number 1, if you're the bride/groom you can pretty much guarantee that this is the only thing that the guests remember from your wedding. Not the expensive fucking venue, or the DJ, or the silver wine keys with your date engraved on them -- they're gonna remember the fucking Phillie Phanatic. Number 2, what the hell happens if two women who've each had the Phanatic crash their wedding meet and somehow found out about their strange commonality? That'd be too crazy for either of them. Probly too crazy for any of us. I'm pretty sure thats when the earth gets blown up by a giant fire meteor. And you better believe that no 5 elements, Bruce Willis, tiny-nippled Milla Jovovich, or bi-curious radio personality Chris Tucker can stop it.  God I love The Fifth Element.

Five different Phillie Phanatic wedding crashing videos after the jump.


  1. That is the absolute best Fifth Element reference I've seen all day.

  2. I'm more impressed that you've seen multiple Fifth Element references today