Monday, January 17, 2011

Sean Avery is a Special Kind of Prick

Okay, okay, so it was pretty dirty for some of the Flyers bench (Briere and Hartnell) to rabbit punch a Rangers player in the back of the head after he blasted Kimmo Timonen off his skates. I get that. But when other players do something shitty, Sean Avery always has to make it known that he is the shittiest asshole around.

Avery had the chance to fight a few guys during this scrum in the second period of the Flyers/Rangers game, and instead of picking a worthy adversary, he chooses Matt Carle who had previously been apart of ZERO total fights. Then Avery punches Carle THREE TIMES while dude is on the ground.

Nice job, Sean. I hope your team is enjoying third place.

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  1. Avery is a punk. heres a nice video of Scott Hartnell beating the hell out of him last year.