Monday, February 14, 2011

And Here We Have Some Beer Battered Marshmallows

Beer marshmallows kind of sound like an odd combo at first, but from the looks of that picture, I'm willing to go all-in and endorse its deliciousness. Truffle Truffle is a chocolatier in Chicago and has invented these nuggets of unhealthy joy. Each marshmallow square is made from scratch, dipped in chocolate, and then topped with a sweet and salty beer-pretzel brittle.

I'm always amazed when new food concoctions are brought to my attention... even though it makes me feel like such a fatass. Between that and my love of the Food Network, I'm guaranteed to be a sarcastic tub of goo later in life. Luckily, for my health’s sake, there's no chance in hell I'll ever be tasting these beer marshmallows - just four of the squares cost $10 while a 12 piece box rapes you to the tune of $30 (plus tax and shipping). I'll spend my money on several 100 Grand bars, thank you very much.

[Slash Food]

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