Thursday, February 24, 2011

Flyers Part Ways With Zherdev, Bartulis Parts Ways With Shoulder

By TWW friend 'Anonymous'

Scottie meant to hit him hard, no doubt, but I doubt he intended to send Bartulis flying into the boards and separating his shoulder like that. Bartulis is not an NHL level d-man to begin with, coming into his first game in 2 months against a hot Coyotes team trying to make the playoffs. Things are gonna get rough. Gotta keep your head up, kid. This is Hockey, not fuckin' Patty Cake.

Sucks Laviolette hated Zherdev so much. This is probably how his waiver decision was made: The Part of Holmgren will be played by Brian from Family Guy while Peter Laviolette will be played by Christopher Walken-

Holmgren: I tried trading him, Peter, but everyone is gonna wait till we waive him.
Lavs (takes the gum out of his mouth): I can't stand the fuckin' guy! I hate him so much!
Holmgren: But he's got so much raw talent. I can't just waive him like that.
Lavs: I fuckin' can't stand him! He's like a fuckin' retarded Ovechkin out there! FUCK!
Holmgren: But Peter...
Lavs: Off the fuckin' team!
Holmgren: P--

Hated his guts. Zherdev is a pure sniper, he shouldn't have had to play defense - isn't that why we brought in all those defenseman? He was here to score goals. Why do we not have a Zherdev - Richards - Versteeg line right now? He must have been a real jerkoff. He's got so much raw talent, and nobody wants to play with him. But why? He's your standard, crazy, ego-maniacal Russian; surely every team needs one of those. Right? Stop with this Nodl shit.

I guess I'm just getting nervous cause it's almost beard time, they're making all these moves, Lavs is going crazy with line combos, and dudes are getting blown up left and right. Our depth has been our strength all year, then bye bye Matt Walker, bye bye Zherdev - and now what do we have? I don't like it. But Laviolette is a great coach, and maybe this helps out Leino's contract talks or something. I'm conceding that these men are much more knowledgeable than I am when it comes to both, hockey situations, and where to buy nice suits. All I'm sayin' is that your moves is suspect, yo.

Flyers beat the Rangers on Sunday and got points against the Coyotes on Tuesday. They are blowing the East away, and I'm upset because Zherdev got waived, and Versteeg is wearing number 10... That's John LeClair's number... All-in-all, I'd say I'm up at this point. But O'Donnell is likely out, Betts is out, Bartulis is out, Shelley might be out, and Boucher might be hiding an injury. Might be nice to have some skilled hockey players hanging around in case someone gets hurt.


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