Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Oh, it's like that?

On Tuesday Eagles fullback Leonard Weaver appeared on Comcast SportsNet and compared the current relationship between the NFL owners and players as "modern-day slavery".

Early Wednesday Weaver phoned in to 610 WIP to retract his statements and issue an apology. He also plugged his Twitter feed which has been in damage-control-overrdrive for the past 24 hours. "I'm sorry for those words I used," Weaver posted on his Twitter. "If I offended anyone, please forgive me."

If you don't believe he's sorry, stop by his twitter and take a drink for every apology.

For those of you who forget what happened the last time Leonard Weaver was trying his hand at "the slave trade" here's an image of his week 1 injury vs the Packers during the 2010 season.

Picking cotton is about all he can do now.

Weaver has been optimistic about coming back to play this season despite his kneecap still being lodged in his taint. Which is why he may have felt the need to become vocal about getting paid again.

His racial outcry is so far the third during the lockout comparing the owner/player relationship to slavery. The first two coming from the Washington Redskins' own Albert Haynesworth, and Fantasy Football's own Adrian Peterson.

"Give us, us lateral pass!!!"

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