Monday, March 7, 2011

What The F!?! Flyers Lose 4 In A Row, Thankfully Not Crying Like The Heat

By TWW friend 'Anonymous'

I had a conversation with a friend when the Flyers acquired Kris Versteeg, and he said, "I hope he isn't a black cat like Kyle Calder was a few years back." And then I said, "Yeah, that would suck." We are now in serious "black cat" watch. Even though he is scoring, we keep losing. Hey Kris - Put your mouth piece in your mouth and stop turning the puck over, will ya?

What happened to Cobourn and O'Donell? O'Donell is old and hurt, but Braydon Cobourn is just getting beat time after time. March is Defensive Awareness Month, so you best recognize, Cobourn.

Our power play and penalty kill are weak. Special teams are at like a 73 right now. The next McDonald's Power Play contestant is scheduled to make $300,025… or something like that.

We lost that nice 7 point lead in the East. It's now down to a two point lead over Boston for the number one spot. I want home ice advantage guys. I need a nice little 6 game win streak, EARLY!

It's hard for me to sit here and say that I'm not worried. But I'm not. All the teams they lost to suck, with the exception of Toronto. (Who might actually be able to do some damage if they get into the playoffs.) It's hard for the Flyers to get motivated to play teams that are in desperation mode. The Rangers game was a different story. What, you forgot that they were The Rangers? Flyers vs Rangers Sunday games are great! Flyers played their worst game of the season and got shut out 7-0 at home on live National Television against a big time rival. That shit is not cool. If that wasn't a wake up shot, then I don't know what is. Don't go Mia Wallace on me, Flyers; I can't be plunging needles into your breast plate.

But we're not in panic mode - it's more of a "deer in headlights" mode. It's hard for us to tell if this losing streak is a truck or not. If it turns out to be a tractor trailer, and not kids with flashlights, then it is indeed panic mode time.

Jody Shelley hinted there is some trouble in the locker room regarding players work ethic, and it’s an issue the team will remedy on its’ own. Hockey players are known for policing themselves, and Jody Shelley is a big ass dude that is hard to argue with. I hope everything works out, Jody. Not only with the team, but whatever that knot is you got goin' on in your ass cheeks.


[pic via Scott Levy / Getty Images]


  1. I was "that" friend. The one difference is that Versteeg is scoring. So not fully convinced he's Gato negro...yet. Kyle on the other hand forgot how to do that as soon as he put on the orange and black. Maybe he was allergic.

  2. Allergic?.... to dancin'?