Saturday, October 17, 2009

Eagles / Raiders: Q & A!

Q: Hey, what should we expect?
A: A fucking blowout.

Oh, wait, there's more?

Q: So the Raiders are pretty terrible, huh?
A: Wow...didn't expect you to be so casual with your questions. How refreshing, usually these things are pretty straight forward. Thanks. Hmm...oh yeah the Raiders. They're terrible. They have a decrepit crypt keeper of an owner whose dementia has torn apart any resemblance of a once proud organization. Their head coach punches the other coaches in the face. Al Davis has drafted like he's playing Madden (Heyward-Bey). I mean, remember Robert Gallery? Then they went and made a Ryan Leaf-sized mistake in their drafting of Jamarcus Russell. Just as a reminder, check out some of the guys they took Russell over.  The Raiders stink.

Q: They did pass on Peterson, didn't they? are we going to win by more or less than 50 points?
A: Don't get too cocky, Q. It's a west coast away game and they actually have a pretty good team on paper.  They have a very formidable D line that was significantly upgraded with the trade for Richard Seymour.  They have the best cover corner in the league, some solid running backs...I mean, just take a look at their roster.  It's not that bad.  It's more of an issue with the ownership, losing culture of the organization, the coaching, quarterback, and maybe -- to a small extent -- Rush Limbaugh.   

Q: Kevin Curtis and Todd Herremans...are they going to play?
A: Back to business I see. I can respect that.  I have a question for you: who gives a shit?  Curtis has been too injured lately to do anything significant, and if Maclin can become a more consistent target (last week makes you optimistic) this may be the last year for White Lightning.  As for Herremans, although hes a very solid guard...we have a whole stable of solid interior linemen in Nick Cole, Stacy Andrews, Max Jean-Gilles, and Jamaal Jackson.  It's a major reason why he even has the opportunity to take his time coming back.  You shouldn't really be concerned about those guys.

Q: You wanna know why I'm concerned? Did I tell you I'm starting Kevin Curtis on my fantasy team!?
A: That's pretty stupid. Many Philly fans have experienced the unnecessary picking of players like Curtis and Vick in thier fantasy drafts.  It happens; we're homers.  But yeah, if you're still starting Kevin Curtis you're definitely stupid.

Q: Who you calling stupid?  I have Desean on my team too -- will he have a better game?
A: You and yes. Desean has a solid game lined up. Even with Nnamdi Asomugha, if the Raiders don't double him he'll get his catches. They might even throw him a wildcat play or two if things aren't going so well. Andy should know by now that we don't need another disgruntled receiver -- especially one with Jackson's potential.

Q: So...uh, is there anything else?
A: Not really. I hope I'm watching Eldra Buckly take handoffs in the 4th on jokers. If not, it's probably because of our run defense or turnovers.

Q: Yeah?
A: Yup.


  1. Classic Philly....lose to a terrible team. Excuse me while i go kill myself.

  2. The Phillies outscored the Eagles today. Can you write something about that? Please.