Friday, October 9, 2009

I Hate/Respect Jerry Jones

I just saw the replay of Jerry Jones and Mark Cuban on Joe Buck Live from a couple of weeks ago and was reminded of why I had a search for a Jerry Jones autobiography on my Amazon history.

Don't get me wrong, two decades of intense Eagles fanhood has left me with a healthy and unrelenting hatred for anything Dallas Cowboys related. Fuck the Cowboys. But there's another side of me that looks at Jerry Jones -- the Cowgirls' famed elderly douche of an owner -- with the genuine respect a successful American businessman deserves. Think Wes Mantooth and Ron Burgandy in Anchorman. That wrinkly cocksucker knows how to sell. He had the balls, the arrogance, and marketing know-how to turn Dallas from a 3-13 loser to a 3-time World Champion and the most valuable team in American Sports.

Short clip after the jump.  And, um, ahem -- Emmitt Smith was overrated.

The show did a great job (wow, did I just say Joe Buck did a great job?) of getting some real emotion out of Jerry;  not just the "Go Cowboys!" soundbites normal broadcast football coverage produces.  He touched on how he conducts business, the NFL salary cap, and the opening of his new $1.1 billion-dollar tv stand.  And, you know, I was impressed. More owners/coaches/players should have the opportunity to speak as actual people and not plastic-smiled politically correct phonies.

The clip below scratches the surface, but if you can check out the full video on HBO somehow.

[fuck the cowboys]

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