Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Aww Shucks

After refusing a minor league assignment from the Phillies, Eric Bruntlett has become a free agent.


Obviously I’m kidding...Eric Brunt-Face was pretty much terrible, you see. He hit .171 last year, and saw far less playing time this season. Partly because he was no longer needed to defensively replace Pat Burrell, and partly because he's balls.

But with this being the end of his Phillies career, we'd be remiss to not mention some of the good times Bruntlett had. He wasn't always pissing you off.

Foremost, we'll always have 2008, where his beardmentum propelled us to Championship as he scored the go-ahead run in Game 5 against Tampa Bay.

And even this year, Eric Bruntlett did something truly special.  Something only 14 players before him have done in MLB history.  On August 23rd, he recorded an unassisted triple play.  He's only the second person to do it to end a game too.

Wanna relive it?  Check out history in motion HERE.

So we'll always have that.

Thanks for the memories, time, and service Eric Bruntlett.  Beyond that...I'd say you'd be missed, but I don’t like lying.

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