Monday, November 16, 2009

Eagles 23, Chargers 31: Pointing Fingers!

So who's to blame to for the Eagles' second-consecutive loss?

That's right: Bill Belichick

Siiike, if you look at the raw numbers, Belichick is actually still a genius.  Andy Reid, however, continues to be a fat moron.

Okay, so maybe calling him a fat moron is a bit much.  But while Andy maintains an elite status among NFL coaches in terms of team preparation, scouting, and consistency, he's got to be one of the worst in the league in terms of managing time and play calling.

Fifty-six passes, Andy?  Really!?! That's 56. With an 'F'. Or a 5.  Excuse me if I sound a bit obvious here, but 56 passes...that's....that's too many passes.  So a big finger goes to Andy Reid, again, and his oversight of a coaching staff that decides that running the ball doesn't need to happen.  It does.  Even if your O-line isn't getting much push and it doesn't seem to work.  Not running the ball is the reason the Eagles came into the game with one of the worst 3rd-down percentages in the league:  Third and Forever isn't easy to convert.  It also makes your offense predictable.  Especially in those sporadic moments in the game when you try to show some semblance of a rushing threat and call a run play on 2nd down 239476287 straight times.

The second finger is reserved for the entire Eagles Defense.  Both Sheldon Brown and Asante Samuel looked completely lost at times.  The interior linemen made LaDainian Tomlinson look like it was 2004.  The Eagles didn't have an answer for the wildcat. The DE's couldn't get much pressure on Philip Rivers.  And to cap it off Quintin Mikell decided it was a good idea to check the play call on the most important down of the game and have Dimitri Patterson cover 6"4, 263lb Antonio '5-time Pro Bowler' Gates.  Oh, and the linebackers...Jesus, don't get started on the linebackers.

The Eagles training staff also gets a Babu Bhatt-sized finger pointed their way.  Yeah? Westbrook's ready to go?  Great work here, guys. 

Sav Rocca.  You're terrible.

And one small, half-mast finger to DeSean Jackson for ruining Mike Vick's first pass attempt since week 7.  It wasn't that far behind you -- you gotta grip that.  We need that draft pick for Vick, holmes.

As for the bright spots...well...Jason Avant looked great.  And we don't have to play any more west coast games.  And the Cowboys lost.  And, uh, Reggie Brown looked pretty good...that's gotta count for something, right?  What's that? It doesn't?  You're right.  It doesn't.


  1. how about calling two long pass plays for reggie brown? seriously? we have the fastest wide receiver in the game, a rookie who has shown he can get deep...yet andy and marty are drawing up 45 yard bombs to Reggie Brown? this is our game plan? to exploit the chargers secondary with reggie fucking brown? god damn it.

  2. I won lots of money on the ineptness of the EAGLES! Thanks Andy!

  3. First and goal. On the goaline. I wouldn't give it to Weaver either. I'd throw it too. Great work Andy. Way to make the RIGHT calls at the RIGHT time, ALL THE TIME.

    P.S. The entire statement above is total sarcasm.