Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Meet Juan Castro - Your New Utility Man

Reportedly, the Phillies have agreed on a 1 year deal (with a club option for 2011) with former Dodger Juan Castro to take on Eric Bruntlett's now vacated role as utility infielder.

Don't expect this to be much of an upgrade. It will probably feel like you're just watching a 37 year old version of Bruntlett out there.

Here are Bruntlett's career averages:
.231 batting average, .303 on base percentage

Here are Castro's career averages:
.230 batting average, .270 on base percentage

Bruntlett has better speed while Castro gets a slight edge as a defensive player. And Castro is supposedly a great guy to have in the clubhouse.  (Or at least that's what his agent and former teammates claim).

All things being equal, I'm not trashing the move. They had were in need of utility infielder and they went out and got one. It would be silly and unrealistic to think the Phils would sign a great player just to put them on the bench. Castro is just a stop-gap for the time being while the youngsters in the minors continue to develop.

But yea, having said that, you basically got rid of Eric Bruntlett and received ... well... a less hairy Eric Bruntlett.

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  1. Unfortunatley the Phillies really have no infield prospects in the minors, so wouldn't call him a stop-gap. They are flush with outfielders and have a pitcher or two, but there isn't one impact infielder who is closer than 4 years away. That being said, I would have liked a player who coult be counted on to play a little more than Castro, but understand that player may not be available. Castro will end up annoying fans just as much as Bruntlett did. I just hope they went cheap here so they can spend some nice money on 3B, relief pitching or an extension for Lee.