Tuesday, November 24, 2009

See Vick. See Vick Run. See Vick Pitch. Touchdown.

Did you happen to catch the Titans 20 - 17 win over the Texans last night? Pretty impressive offense they have there. That Vince Young just refuses to lose games. He's certainly not a great quarterback by any means whatsoever, but as far back as college, the guy has always had that "nope, we're not gonna lose this game" aura.

But this post isn’t about Vince Young. It's about the play the Eagles should be stealing from the Titans.
If you watched the game, you saw this play run to perfection quite a few times [skip to the :37 mark]:

Why the hell don't the Eagles try running something like this? They went out and got a very athletic QB in Vick, so they might as well use him in a scenario that would fit his skills. (We need to trade this joker for 2nd rounder next year!) Whether you agree with the Eagles using the Wildcat, gimmick plays, or Vick in general - this is the style they chose to go with for 2009 (even though they’ve seemingly back off a bit in the past few weeks).

Vick rolling out with Desean in the backfield as a threat to catch the pitch? Fuggetaboutit.

Just picture that as you watch that video. Desean is just as quick and explosive as Chris Johnson and Vick is actually quite comparable to the physical tools Young has. Hell, you can even have Vick fake the pitch to Jackson and launch one deep to Maclin. Or – flip it up to Weaver to throw the defense off balance after running it a few times. So many possibilities (just don't try it with Mccoy... he's not fast enough to pull this off).

It's low risk, high reward football. I’m not saying they make it the focal point of the offense by any means. But why not run it a few times a game?

Every fan (and defensive coordinator) know what the birds are going to do before they do it. This gives you an added dimension and some unpredictability.

[hilarious last sentence].


  1. The Eagles have def tried this play before. It hasn't worked.

  2. Can't say I remember them attempting this more than once or twice...or with desean lined up as the RB. Suppose it mightve but I don't think it's been executed enough to say it doesnt work. After sayin all that...they'll end up attempting it this weekend and it'll result in a colossal fumble

  3. I thought this was a great idea...until I read Gcobb.com today and see that he likes this idea too [http://gcobb.com/titans-bootleg-option-would-fit-vick-perfectly-20091125.html].

    You're a day late on this story, Gary! Get off our Kool-Aid!