Tuesday, January 5, 2010

DeSean Twitter: Cowboys 'got some shiiiiit commn for they ass'

From DeSean Jackson's twitter:

not just shit. shiiiiit.

After the jump, if you haven't yet heard, is Snoop Dogg's song for DeSean's website, deseanjackson10.com. This isn't just some rent-a-rapper financial transaction, either -- they're actually good friends. Really. Check out DeSean on Snoop's (short-lived) show Dogg After Dark. And this picture of Snoop in a jersey (with Donald Brashear?). They're both from Long Beach...which I guess makes them supergood friends for some reason. Chuuch!

credits to espn.com and the700level.com.

PS - what's up with the girls singing "DeSean..." at the end of the song? That's on some old school pink shoulderpads Neon Deion "Must Be The Money" stuff. You're better than that, ONEZERO. or UNOCERO. Nah, OneZero is better -- sounds like Sub Zero.

Pay him, Eagles!

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