Thursday, February 11, 2010

Links for Friday

It's that time of year again, millions of married men receive the only "porn" magazine they can safely display around the house without their wife getting all pissed off and accussing them of, GASP!, masturbating. (Seriously, women need to understand that men, as long as they can get it up, will jerk off. It's nothing against you...we love you. But a dude's gotta do what a dude's gotta do. So unless you wanna bang us at our every beck and call -- which we are totally okay with by the way -- we're going to spank it. We don't care if you get yourself off, long as you videotape it and share it with us.)

Anyways, the beautiful Brooklyn Decker graces this years cover. I still have yet to receive my copy, so SI better get on that. Seriously.

Onto the links:
  • There are a few rookies in SI's Swimsuit Issue this year, my personal favorite is Dominique Piek.
  • Bodypainting is back, this time featuring Soccer WAGs. Here's Melissa Satta and Abbey Clancy.
  • Bar Refaeli.
  • Here's a look at the Birds schedule for next year. Not too easy, but it always looks worse now than it ends up being then.
  • It's still crazy Roy Halladay is on the Phillies. This season is going to be awesome.
  • Another National Lampoon's Vacation?
  • Wanna get your wife or girlfriend (or fuck buddy) to dress up like a nurse or school girl? Here is some help.
  • Even with the recent winning streak, we know the Sixers blow. So, while we look ahead, here are top 10 prospects for the 2010 NBA Draft.
  • Elton Brand got all pissy Wednesday night. Dude, stop complaining about minutes every game, no one wants to hear it.
  • De-bunking some myths.
  • The new face of Armani underwear. Nice choice.
  • Bears.
  • 10 times out of 10, gravity will get you.
  • Awesome mailboxes.
  • This should help cheer up you Colts fans.
  • No better way to end.

Enjoy your weekend.

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