Monday, March 1, 2010

Darren Sproles = Championship

Joe Banner, please go sign Darren Sproles.

When the Chargers annouced last week they were going to let Sproles test free agency, I was rather shocked. I mean, with LT finished, who the hell are the Chargers going to give the ball to this year? You had to assume they would keep Sproles, especially in an uncapped year (his tender would have cost them $7.5 million this year). (Yes, there is a chance they bring him back, but let's not worry about that here, ok?)

But, alas, the Chargers loss is the Eagles gain. While Sproles is certainly not an every down back (and I doubt there is an NFL team that sees him as one) he IS a dynamic weapon that would thrive in the Eagles offense. You're talking about a guy who had 45 receptions for 497 yards (11.0 avg.) and four touchdowns part-time player. He is incredible in the screen game and has the ability to score from any point on the field. Oh, and he's a pretty awesome kick returner too. You have to think that Andy Reid would break out the o-face thinking of all the ways to he could get Sproles the ball.

Listen, I know that Darren Sproles doesn't play linebacker or defensive end or safety and that those are the postions the Eagles really need help at. But with LeSean McCoy, Leonard Weaver (soon to be resigned) and Darren Sproles the Eagles would have a pretty dynamic, well-rounded group of RBs. Plus, I'd rather them spend some good money on a 26 year-old playmaking running back than a 30-year old defensive end who may or may not play hard.


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