Monday, March 22, 2010

Spare Me The "Cinderella" Shit

I hate articles like this.

Every couple years we get this rehashed crap about parity in college basketball, how anybody can beat anybody in March and how even the little guy has a chance. Really? This drives me friggin' nuts. We are only TWO years removed from ALL FOUR #1 seeds reaching the Final Four. The year before? Two #1's and two #2's. Last year? Try two #1's, a #2 and a #3.

Parity exists in the first two rounds. It always has. Big-time teams can play tight, look rusty and a mid-major can knock them off when they play great. It's what makes the tourney so great, we all know this already. But minus George Mason in 2006, the parity stops there. Yes, you'll occasionally get the #4 or #5 seed in the Final Four. However, those are top 25 teams already so it's not like they're true "cinderella" stories. Smart money still says Syracuse, Kentucky and Duke will make the Final Four. That would give us three #1 seeds, I'm not seeing the parity there Gene. And even if a Saint Mary's, Cornell or Northern Iowa somehow gets to the Final Four (this isn't happening by the way) it just means this was a down year for the "haves." Hell, perennial powerhouses UNC, UCLA, and UConn didn't even make the tournament this year. That's saying something.

So spare me Gene Wojciechowski. Please go out there, do your job and come up with an original story that interests me. Please.

But, after all, he is same douchebag that wrote this article.

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