Wednesday, March 24, 2010

TheWizWit Wallpaper Wednesday!

Has Goosebumps not taught you anything!?

If we really are about to end the McNabb era here in Philly -- like for real for real this time -- we all need to take a deep breath, THINK, and understand what we're getting ourselves into.

First of all, I support trading The Artist Formerly Sponsored By Soup if the birds can get adequate value for him. If the Rams really are ready to give up the 33rd pick and their Free Safety Atogwe (a 90 in Madden), I'm with it. I trust that Kolb can develop and play at a high level and hope that the Eagles are smart (and ruthless) enough to keep Vick around for the second year of his contract to take 10-20 snaps a game. That could work.  It will work.  No more dirt passes.

Sounds good, right?...feels good. more McNabb.  The phrase itself just feels like a warm bath.  Like breathing in clean laundry.  Ahhh. 

But take another breath, dummy. We are giving up a 6-time Pro Bowl easily-the-greatest-QB-in-franchise-history big arm quarterback that has taken us to 5 NFC Championship Games and a Superbowl. For what? A pick and Kevin Kolb? Don't envision Joe Flacco and Matt Ryan and forget Alex Smith and JaMarcus Russell.

And. Rodney Peete. And Ty Detmer. And Bobby Hoying. And Doug Pederson. And Koy Detmer. And AJ Feeley. Just saying.

And on that note...Kevin Kolb: The Choice.

KK is a hog murderer. Hog murderer + Dog Murderer 2011!


  1. Having season tickets for the last four years, I've heard everyone in my section wish for a new QB. I can't wait to see what they say after Kolb has his first 3 INT game against the Cowboys or Giants. I agree, it's probably time for McNabb to go...but you're right careful what you wish for.

  2. i always thought "Say Cheese and Die" was the best Goosebumps book