Thursday, April 8, 2010

DeSean Jackson Spits Verse, Nothing Happens

I feel nervous posting this as I am well aware of the demographic breakup of our readership, and no part of that (besides maybe Anonymous) includes “not-ironic mixtape rap fans.” I'm sure if like Winston Justice had a solo on a Pearl Jam B-side it would go over better, but whatever.  Below is a verse from everyone’s favorite anorexic Pro-Bowler DeSean Jackson on some random mixtape freestyle with two Philly rappers: former Rocafella artist Oschino and former Lil’ Wayne foe Gillie da Kid.

While I perked up like iced nipples when I saw the words “DeSean Jackson Rap”, there really is nothing groundbreaking here as the 23 year-old gives us a lazy verse that was probably written in the 20 minutes or so it takes to roll and smoke a blunt. But it’s fun...and hopefully won't get him in trouble like Allen Iverson and his "40 bars" debacle.

I'm a little disappointed that there are no lines about McNabb’s titty fat or Andy Reid’s (completely fabricated) pill addiction. I guess it's not easy to find rhymes for "Oxycontin." Eh, maybe it'll be on the album.

Check out #10 rapping as "Jacc" at around the 1:18 mark after the jump. Oh, and the lyrics, too. Credit to With Leather for finding this.

DeSean Jackson's Lyrics:

I am Jacc tho/
Think I’m Nino, but this D-Jacc, ho/
Ball your fists up, we can lock tho/
I’m from Cali block, nigga catch me with a lot/
I got a lot of money in my pocket, Chucks on/
Blue laces, Dickies, wife beater on/
LA dog, I’m in Philly, tho/
I’m fuckin with Oschino and Gillie, tho/

You'd think being friends with Snoop Dogg would give you a better flow...

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  1. hes gonna get drug tested and suspended for this.