Sunday, April 25, 2010

Flyers Suffering From Swaggeritis? Second Round Preview!

By TWW friend Rich
Few sounds are greater than the horn.  The impact of 20,000 MARTY chants and the soft moans of a woman are both pleasurable noises, but the sound of the horn after a Flyers goal is in perfect harmony with my soul. So it's pretty awesome that the Flyers advanced to the second round of the Stanley Cup playoffs, cause now I get to hear more horn.

We beat the busted ass Devils who really didn't scare me as much as they usually do this year. Marty B looks old since the Olympics and Kovalchuk just never really fit into that squad as he tried to go Space Ghost coast to coast everytime he touched the puck. That shit don't fly in the playoffs. I'm not gonna make excuses for the Devils, I hate the Devils, this is about the Flyers, but the Devils did look pretty bad and the Flyers are gonna have to step there game up if they wanna advance to the third round.

Without Gagne and Carter it's gonna be hard to keep up with the fire power of Washington. And we have to hope that Boucher continues to play like Captain Insano. But you know what? I think we can take em'. Giroux is sick, I've been sayin that all year, but now he's like dying from swaggeritis. Briere is also playin some great hockey right now and these two guys are gonna have to keep doin it if the Flyers have a chance at the Cup.  Oh, and Ian Laperiere is a straight up warrior who has earned instantaneous legend status for taking yet another puck to the face for the good of the team. That's all we want, dudes literally laying it all out regardless of skills and talent level, and Lappy provides that retard strength that can carry you into the finals.  

I like Hockey. And I'm tryin to be realistic about the Flyers chances, but I can't be. I really think they have a shot at the cup, which makes me dumb, cause watching the other games goin on in the playoffs, it's obvious that the West is way better and even if the Flyers make it that far, we're gonna get swept in the finals by whoever gets there from the West. But Whatever. I'm just happy I get another round of playoff hockey.


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