Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Kevin Kolb is a Cowboys Fan

Or was a Cowboys fan.  Either way it's a true story.  Regardless of how difficult it is to consider that a Cowboys fan -- who at 25 years old most certainly cheered for Michael Irvin -- is now the franchise quarterback of my Philadelphia Eagles...I understand.  Dude can't help that he's from west Texas and was born into a Cowboys fan-mily (you see what I did there?). It still kinda stings, though.

Check out this clip...gets good around 4:10.

Kinda awkward with the whole overly denying his fanhood thing. At one point while explaining what he did when he got the news that he is the starter, he almost says that he did a little "hootin' and hollerin'," but stops and says "fist pumping" instead. He's trying too hard to fit in -- and even worse using Jersey Shore as a reference to east coast behavior. SMELLS LIKE GUILT.

Cowboys stars are like swastikas to me, Kevin!

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