Thursday, April 22, 2010

Meet Your New Defensive End: Brandon Graham

After listening over the past few days about how the Eagles were going to trade up to take one of the two top safeties in this draft, Eric Berry or Earl Thomas, what do your Eagles do? Well they trade up to take a defensive end of course! Philadelphia Eagles fans meet Brandon Graham.

To get to #13, the Birds packaged their #24 pick with both of their third rounders (70th and 87th). A large price to pay, no doubt, but they were able to hold onto both second rounders which is a coup.

Ultimately we won't be able to judge this pick for years, but people are absolutely going to complain because Earl Thomas was there and the Eagles didn't take him. Listen folks, a defensive end is 10x more important than a safety, so if the Eagles can get a good one I'm all for it. Almost every mock draft I saw had Graham going before the Eagles pick at #24, so they had to move up to get him. Considering it was known both the Giants and Titans wanted defensive ends, I think the Eagles did well here to go get the guy they wanted.

Apparently Todd McShay thinks Graham has the best motor in the draft and he has said he wouldn't be suprised if he ended up the defensive rookie of the year (see link above). Sounds good to me. You also can't knock his production in college where Graham, over 46 games and 28 starts, had 29.5 sacks during his career (second most in Michigan history). One thing is certain - guy can flat out rush the passer.

Here's to hoping he's not the next Jerome McDougle.

On another note the damn Cowboys ended up with Dez Bryant. Assuming he doesn't have any character issues (i.e. makes it rain, rapes women, shoots wife) he should be rather annoying for the Eagles to cover for the next 10 years. That sucks.


  1. Eagles draft party last night...

    Asante Samuel: "Eagles trade up, sweet now when I don't tackle Thomas will get my back... Oh Shit, Graham... I'm fucked!"

    *moments later -
    Trent Cole: "Thank you JESUS!!!!"

  2. the eagles last two losses were to the cowboys. a large part of the reason for those losses was the fact they were man handled by the dallas offensive line. is any one a little nervous that they're adding another undersized, smaller type guy to the D-line? i really dont want to have a repeat of that wild card game.

  3. His size does worry me a little, but I hate to write a guy off just because of that. According to ESPN he is listed as the SAME EXACT size as Dwight Freeney (6'1'' 268lbs). If a guy can rush the passer and has good technigue (which apparently Graham has) he'll be a help regardless of his size.

  4. It seems obvious to me that Andy drafted the best special teams guys available.