Friday, May 14, 2010

So How Aboot That Game Tonight, Eh?

Facebook has told me two things -

1. My identity is now property of the United States Government.
2. There is some type of hoc-key match tonight.

In all seriousness, I don't pretend to be a big time hockey fan. Or really a hockey fan at all. Everyone knows this. But this game is actually noteworthy. Obviously it's a deciding Game 7 of a playoff series, but it’s a lot more meaningful considering the fact we could witness some history in the making.

One of the absolute hardest things to do in sports is to come back from a 0-3 series deficit. The Flyers deserve to be celebrated for what they've accomplished in the last 3 contests - regardless if you're a hockey guy or just a Philly sports fan.

So, I implore hockey fans AND hockey haters to come together and watch this game tonight. Enjoy the history. Enjoy the excitement. Enjoy the colossal choking of a team that hails from Boston. It's gonna be fun.

For you diehards, the Wachovia Center will be open with free admission and parking to go in and watch the game.

Do or die tonight. Winner plays Montreal on Sunday. I hear their goalie is pretty good. Some would say he's 'standing on his head'. I would say that if you use that cliché, I hate you. It's ridiculous really. Standing on your head? Really? I know it’s not supposed to be literal, but come on. It doesn’t even make sense. "Standing on his head" should be what a terrible goalie does. One who gives up 6, or maybe even 7 goals a game. Stupid hockeyisms.

Sorry. Anyway, where was I? Oh, uh... go Flyers? Yea. Go Flyers!

Many thanks to the700level for finding this video.


  1. I have to say that these playoffs have slowly gotten me back into hockey. I'm glad too. I just wish Pavel Bure still played, that guy was so fucking good in NHL 97.

  2. I myself am no hockey fan, nor do I claim to be. I AM, however, a huge Philly sports fan, so I'll be cheering (and possibly wearing some orange and black) with the masses tonight!! Go Flyers!

  3. i was a huge fan of Jeremy Roenick on the Coyotes in Faceoff '98. Id slap it from the blue line and score every time. then bask in the greatness of the coyote howl as I won by 20 goals.

  4. Sergei federov > all in nhl97. Whatever happened to pavel bure anyway ???!

  5. Yo.... it's not about the shit stained balls, this is not about the butt hole pleasures. How would you like it if l trivialized your precious fooseball, remember Barry in game day 98', whatever happened to Barry Sanders? Aint no such thing as a half Flyered Up! Let's get serious here! No more Jokes!! My playoff beard is angry, and I need to win this cup damnitt!


  6. to the previous poster: what?

    Anywho, I agree about the standing on your head thing. They say it on Sportscenter every god damn day and it makes zero sense.

    Flyers won. Good I guess. I like American sports. To each his own.