Thursday, June 10, 2010


The goal came so out of nowhere, from such an impossible angle, that it all seemed surreal. But with that, the season was over.

The Flyers sure made it farther than anyone could have hoped, but neither the team nor the fans will find any solace in that today. The sting is fresh and will be for quite some time. Losing three one-goal games certainly screams that this series could have gone either way and ultimately the Flyers fell simply because the Blackhawks were just a little bit better in those games.

Once the wounds heal, as they always do, this team will be remembered for what it accomplished just as much for what it didn't. It will go down with the 1950 Phillies, 1987 Flyers, 1993 Phillies and 2001 Sixers as fun teams we didn't see coming who almost won it all. This team was able to capture the city, and turned non-hockey fans into Flyers fanatics for two months. Hell, they even got me back into hockey, certainly no easy task.

Eventually we'll turn our heads to next season, wonder if the Flyers will ever get a stud goalie and hope that players like Leino and Giroux can continue to grow. But for now, it's time to sulk. And that's ok. We're Philadelphia. We do sulk really, really well.

Go Flyers.

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