Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Adam Schein, Your Mouth Feels Great

<a href="" target="_new" title="Schein: Eagles not rebuilding">Video: Schein: Eagles not rebuilding</a>

As reported in yesterdays Quality Eagles OTA Coverage, Fox Sports writer Adam Schein is very high -- excuse me -- boom on the Eagles' chances in 2010. Check out this video of Adam with Kevin Kolb and Howie Roseman's bologna ponies in his mouth. Adam SCHEIN also seems to eat up a lot of what Howie ROSEMAN had to say. Hmmm....(I kid I kid). But really though, there's no excuse for a national writer to be this much on our side. I know I believe all of this, but I'm a homer who still drinks the Kool-Aid.  Adam's either playing a game of journalistic Devil's Advocate to get more clicks, or incredibly stupid to agree with us overly optimistic Eagle fans.

Fuck it....he's totally right. Even if he does look like Zach Braff with a Home Improvement haircut.

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