Friday, June 4, 2010

Chicago Tribune Writers Unoriginal, Kind Of Bitchy

You know what I hate most about Philadelphia sports? Being forced to see newspaper "articles" that begin with:

PHILADELPHIA - The City of Brotherly Love. That's a good one.

Oh good. Another 'Philly fans are assholes' story.

When a team from Philly is fighting for a championship, this gets put under the microscope even more than it normally does. We've talked in the past about how the NY Post took plenty of shots at our city. And now, it appears the wonderful writers over at the Chicago Tribune would like to continue the most unoriginal of traditions.

Writer Dan McNeil attended Game 3 of the Stanley Cup Finals and decided to express his sentiments in a lovely little article entitled “Philly, the mother of all places foul”. You hear that? We're all MONGRELS. He even goes on to say he’d like to shove an enema into our collective asses. Anyway, you can read the typical bullshit you've read a million times HERE. It just grinds my gears how these journalists feel the need to write the same damn article, citing the same damn incidents time after time. Fans of opposing teams get ragged on at sporting events. It happens – ESPECIALLY in the Northeast. Deal with it.

A couple days before the McNeil article, the Tribune also posted a timeline of Philadelphia's notorious fan moments which was un-cleverly titled "Not So Sunny in Philadelphia". See this literary masterpiece HERE.

It's always the same nonsense. EVERY city has fans that are assholes. Even Chicago (gasp!). Or had you forgotten the fans who threw a beer on Shane Victorino as he caught a fly ball? Or the father and son duo who ran down from the stands at a White Sox game to throw blows at Royals first base coach Tom Gamboa? Or the other White Sox fans who decided it was a good idea try and tackle first base umpire Laz Diaz? Or how about the Steelers fan who said a Bears fan poisoned and blinded him? They were just isolated incidents though, right? At least no Philadelphia team decided to throw a certain World Series for a little extra cash.

If you want to take shots, make them clever. I'll be the first to give you an approving nod when you come up with something entertaining or funny. Just be original! Quit using the same tired examples. I'm sick of hearing about the booing of Santa Claus. The second you start writing an article about that, you've become nothing more than a valueless hack.


  1. remember that White Sox fan that gave those bankers billions of dollars and then allowed the Gulf of Mexico the be poisoned with millions of gallons of foreign oil?? what assholes Chicagoans are!


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  2. I can't believe what I just read. Dan McNeil, seriously? Oh, that's right. Philly is the ONLY town that makes it hard for visitors in their own building. Take a step back and think about what you just wrote. Learn from it. You did say it best, "If you ever have a chance not to come here, do it." That's right Denim Dan, stay the F*ck home. We don't like your kind around here. Oh I'm sorry, you're a Hawks fan? Sitting in the 7th row at the Wachovia Center? During the Stanley Cup Finals? You're lucky the Flyers won that game while you sat snug in your seat. If they had lost you wouldn't have had the chance to write your piece, because you wouldn't have made it out alive. Next time, stay home. Please. And spare us all that garbage you call an "article." Clown. Let's Go Flyers!

  3. Fans in other cities are pussies. Even as a Philly fan I hate a lot of other Philly fans because they're morons and for various other reasons, but I'm all for heckling opposing fans. And is he really complaining about vulgarity? Um...fuck you?

    Thanks for telling people to stay away from Philly, that's what we're going for! Fuckin idiot. Chicago sucks cock. Big huge Bartman cock.