Monday, June 7, 2010

Thiiis Can't Be Good for Our Reputation...

You may think this video is interesting because it's a baby drinking a beer at a Phillies game. I'm more focused on Charlton Heston chopping it up with Jim Johnson in the row behind him.

JJ Lives!

courtesy of Deadspin

UPDATE - Major League Baseball are nazis when it comes to free viewing of their video on the internets. I guess they want to keep all the drinking baby movies for themselves. Screengrab instead.

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  1. Perhaps the kids parents are trendsetters. They probably figure that the earlier the kid starts drinking, the less likely he is to abuse alcohol in high school and college since he would have experienced what drinking is all about at an earlier age and thus matured past that level of debauchery.

    Either that or the parents are terrible people and this kid's life is headed no where but the crapper. I'm going with the latter.