Monday, June 7, 2010

Madden 11 Team Ratings, McNabb's Worth Revealed

The team ratings for Madden 11 were released this weekend and the Eagles were one of the biggest losers. The Birds dropped from an overall 86 down to an 80.

An 80 overall? That's so... Denver Broncosian.

Those 6 rating points were then promptly given to the Redskins who are now a 76 in the game (which is the biggest jump in rating for any team). A 12 point swing for McNabb. Too bad they still don't have any wide receivers. Or at least ones that don't do HGH.

Anyway, Kurt Warner is more valuable to his team, as the Cardinals dipped by 8 points - the largest overall rating drop in the league. And rightfully so considering Matt Leinart is their new #1. I'd much rather have the hog killer as my starting QB. Matt Leinart might look like a fun guy to hang out with and all, but dude blows at playing football.

As a bonus, here are the ratings that have been released for the Eagles top 2 draft picks:

Brandon Graham, DE - 78 overall
Nate Allen, FS - 75 overall

You can see the entire ratings of the 2010 draft class HERE. That link actually breaks down the rookie ratings into their individual attribute. Enjoy all you extreme Madden nerds.

Now let’s just hope the real life NFC East doesn't shape up the way Madden thinks it will.


  1. Jason Pierre-Paul is a 79, one point better than Brandon Graham. I call bullshit.

  2. why do you need wide receivers when you have 5 washed up RB's on your team??