Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Internet Football Stalking

As nerdy as it is, watching videos on the Philadelphia Eagles website shows you a hell of a lot more than reading words on a page from some dude (i.e. me).

I tell myself that I watch these videos because I run a Philly sports blog and need to be as informed as possible, but that's not the truth. The truth is...I just love this crap. While Dave Spadaro is a goofy cornball who loves the Eagles so much that he probably owns bird porn, the dude is harmless. Plus the mixed guy (Chris McPherson) seems on top of his game and the sarcastic little one's name is BO WULF so he's cool by me.

Also, if you're someone who plays fantasy football it behooves you to know what the shit you're talking about. Should you draft C.J. Spiller or Dez Bryant? Watching bullshit like camp footage or player bios is the only way to find out.  This junk is genius!

Patrick Crayton (COLON)...Underdog! The story of a man who will be paid $2.5 million this year to work LESS, but has to overcome the devastation of being married to a woman named Najiyyah.

Where was I? Oh yeah, below is a clip of the afternoon practice on training camp day 1. Unfortunately, it only features rookies and selected veterans selected dudes named Kevin Kolb and Mike Vick.

My observations:
Kolb's arm looks better than advertised | Vick is inaccurate | Bradley Riley Cooper catches everything | Cornelius Ingram appears to have working legs.

What do you see? (Very loud and auto-playing) video after the jump.


  1. omg is there a way you can auto pause/auto mute that shit when viewing through an RSS feed, cause FFS that was annoying!!! While i was trying to read the text, I got bombarded with what sounded like a catholic priest's voice trying to lure me in...if you cant i understand cause the eagles need all the help they can get to gain attention, but FUCK ... that about blew me away for some unexpected audio! ...

    no bother, i still <3 TWW.

  2. yea...not too much I can do about that. for whatever reason the eagles want their videos AS LOUD AS POSSIBLE. I've written a warning -- thanks for the heads-up.