Thursday, July 29, 2010

Your Cross-dressing Roy Oswalt Update

It's being reported everywhere that Oswalt is a waived no-trade clause away from being a Phillie. It's certain that JA Happ will be sent to Houston to die a death brought on by lack of run support. Nobody knows anything about how the money will work in the deal, or what prospects are involved.

In case you're wondering, (to our knowledge) Roy Oswalt isn't really a cross-dresser. That pic is from his rookie year in what I'm guessing was some type of hazing. So there's really no update there, just a picture that wasn't Oswalt in mid-throwing motion.

TheWizWit will give you a full analysis later if this thing actually happens. Remember when Cliff Lee was a Yankee a couple weeks ago? Yeah, anything can fall through.

[pic via Alyson's Footnotes - MLB Blog Network: Houston Astros]


  1. Did the staff at WizWit take the week off from their day jobs? I've never seen this many new stories in this short amount of time. I'm not complaining ... but I'm going to have to start eating more diablo sandwiches if I'm expected to read all these stories while on the toilet.

  2. I suspect 88% of mobile device hits on this site are toilet readers. I love each of you.

  3. suspect nothin...i got the analytics. it's FACT.