Wednesday, July 21, 2010

The One Where Jamie Moyer's Elbow Turned to Dust

He was quickly diagnosed as suffering from "a touch of old". Wacky medical terms.

Don't feel bad for him though, the mere mention of Jamie Moyers' name causes women to climax. Something about dry skin and Brut aftershave on neckbeard makes ladies go wild.

Ehhh, maybe not. The injury looks like an elbow strain and he'll be on the DL for a while.

In case you didn't see the game last night, Ruben Amaro appeared in the pre-game to chat with Tom McCarthy. He seemed to let on he knows exactly what he plans to do in terms of trading. Something is definitely going to go down. Shortly thereafter, Moyer got hurt and was replaced by the newly called up Andrew Carpenter. Carpenter then quickly surrendered homers.

Then the "Jayson Werth to the Rays, Roy Oswalt to the Phillies, and prospects to the Astros" talk heated up over the internets during the game. The trade makes sense for all parties involved and I wouldn’t be surprised if it went down. A better long-term move may be for Dan Haren though. He's struggled early this year, but he's a legit Ace and great #2 who'd be asked to fall in behind Halladay and Hamels. Then there's JA Happ still working shit out in the minors (he'll likely take Kendrick's spot Saturday).

With the trade deadline a week and half away, I'm 100% sure someone new is coming to the Phillies rotation. I just hope they go with Oswalt or Haren. If they trade anything of value for a year of Ben Sheets, I'll be awful salty.

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