Tuesday, July 27, 2010

So Duce Staley is a Fatty Now

Duce was at Lehigh today to check out his former team, do some interviews with CSN, and make everyone regret the fast food they had for lunch.

Chunker or not, Duce is rightfully a big fan favorite in this town. I'd love to leave you with some Duce highlights circa Pickle Juice game of '00.  However, amazingly enough, no highlights seem to exist on the Internet from Duce's playing days.  Seriously, I couldn't find any.  If you're disappointed, theres this one from college. 

So if you forgot what Duce looked liked before he packed it on, here you go.

And here's one of Grimace.  Obviously for no related reason whatsover.

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  1. wow, a Mecca t-shirt. Acceptable clothing circa 1996-1998.