Monday, July 12, 2010

That LeBron Heel Turn Seemed Pretty Successful

LeBron James hate-sites are predictably popping up all over the place. The shirt to the left is from

Regardless of what you personally think about LeBron, his decision, or ESPN, you have to admit this was pretty much the quickest and most abrupt heel turn since Hulk Hogan joined the nWo. Right now, LeBron James is the athlete people love to hate – especially the poor bastards in Cleveland. You thought Philly hated Michael Irvin? Cleveland's level of hatred is ten times greater.

So with that, we’ll leave you with one last piece of internet fodder before TheWizWit (hopefully) closes the LeBron James chapter for the foreseeable future:

Apparently, even Michael Beasley's dad is taking shots at LeBron. Check out the post below that appeared on his twitter the other day.

Mike Beasley Sr. has been an avid tweeter for some time now and has given his thoughts on various other events going on in his sons' life.  So this is indeed from Papa Beasley himself, and not some imposter.
And of course, if you didn't think Beasley and Delonte West shared a resemblance, our friend Darnell Dockett tweeted a side-by-side picture:

Yup, that pretty much confirms it. Dude definitely looks like Delonte West. Minus that whole herpes-lip thing Delonte has goin’ on anyway.

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