Thursday, August 26, 2010

In Soviet Reading, Players Get Hit By YOU

Hey - two posts in one day about people being intentionally hit with baseballs at the ballpark! Except this time, in a wildly unpredictable twist, it’s the fan who hits the player. I know you're on the edge of your seat right now.

This one happened while the Reading Phillies were visiting the Richmond Flying Squirrels. So the story goes, Phillies pitcher J.C. Ramirez threw a routine pitch to a Richmond batter which was fouled off into the upper deck on the third base side. The unidentified fan who caught it decided to throw the ball back on the field because he said he'd "seen it on TV at Cubs games". As you probably guessed by now, dude threw a perfect strike right into J.C. Ramirez's leg. The fan was escorted out of the stadium and banned for life from attending Squirrel's games.

Kind of a harsh punishment if you ask me. I mean, that’s a crazy accurate throw. I applaud him. Maybe the Squirrels should just sign him up, Rookie of the Year style.

In case you're wondering, Ramirez is "a little sore" but not hurt. He's contemplating filing a lawsuit, which is pretty lame. So just to recap, the Phillies traded Cliff Lee for:

Phillippe Aumont who has pretty much sucked.
Tyson Gillies who does coke.
J.C. Ramirez who gets beaned by fans.

Super duper.

[h/t to Sportress of Blogitude]

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  1. worst trade ever, but hey, we were able to pay moyer AND blanton