Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Tra Confronts Jason

Tra: As you know, I was brought in here by Andy to teach you something today, Jason. This game is the world to a lot of people. You and I both know you're talented, but there's a lot more to football than talent. Desire. Fire. Commitment. Relentlessness. Greed...and not for the money, JP. I'm talkin' the greed for the title, the need to be the best man on and off the field you can possibly be.

Jason: Huh? What? Oh I'm sorry I wasn't listening.

Tra: See? This is the problem! You're like a statue! You don't interact with your team, you don't communicate, you don't listen! Are you even listening right now?

Jason: Yea, totally. False starts are bad...I'll have to clean that up for next week.

Tra: What the hell are you talking about? I didn't even bring up false starts! I'm talkin' about pride and manhood; the kind that isn't measured in cars and money.

Jason: Yeeaaaaa aww man I love money! Did you know I was the highest paid offensive lineman in the history of the league? That shit is the shit, right?

Tra: I...I don't know what to tell you, big guy. You have all the tools, you--you're just kinda stupid. And by looking at the number of false start penalties you've received, I think you may have ADHD, too.

Jason: Do you see the stitching on this shirt? It was made from 20 smaller shirts...by Chinese orphans...wearing Michael Jackson gloves. Isn't that cake and money?

Tra: What?

Jason: What? That's my new saying.

Tra: Kevin is going to get killed this year, isn't he?

Jason: Hehehehehehehehe.

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