Friday, September 17, 2010

Trent Cole is Gonna Love Jeff Backus

The man to the left is Jeff Backus.  He is the starting left tackle for the Detroit Lions.  He's also the man responsible shitting on the city of Detroit's only hope at a marginally successful season.  You see, Jeff Backus is the guy who is responsible for allowing Julius Peppers to murder Matt Stafford's shoulder last week.  You can check the hit out here.

More interesting than me telling you about this man, is his Wikipedia page.  After the jump, see a screen grab where some unforgiving Lions fans have helped cement the legacy that is Jeff "On-His-Backus". 

Click on the image to enlarge this little gem.  We've circled the good parts for you.  Assuming it hasn't been changed back, see the page here.

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