Thursday, January 20, 2011

Afternoon Links: Science Finally Offers Good Advice

Bitches Love Science - Can't wait to cop that new Bill Nye x Lil Wayne mixtape. [Failblog]

Farts May Lead To Stabbings - I always knew the rules of "Whoever smelt it dealt it" would lead to a grizzly murder. [TheSchoolPhilly via Gothamist]

Tween Girl Sucks Helium, Falls into Table - Damn, helium did you like THAT? The nitrous balloon she'll try in college should be pretty funny. [The Daily What]

Baseball's Greatest Porn Names - Royce Pussington wins hands-down. Pussington! [TedWilliamsHead via Bugs&Cranks]

I Don't Care About Politics So Obama Shouldn't Care About Sports - Get 'em, Reis. [The Onion]

The Best Cardboard Box-Related Rap Song of 2011 - Maybe of all time. Don't wanna get ahead of myself, though. [VideoSift]

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