Wednesday, January 12, 2011

At Least We're Not Cleveland...Part Deux

Wow. As you've probably seen by now, the Lakers beat the Cavaliers 112-57 last night...a 55-point bitch-slap of epic proportions. They were outscored by at least 15 points in each of the first three quarters and shot an almost unbelievable 29.9% from the floor. This game marked their 21st loss in their last 22 games. Yuck. (Consider this - since LeBron returned to Cleveland on December second, the Heat are 18-1. The Cavs? 1-19. Seriously.)

To make matters worse, LeBron has jumped on the bandwagon, sending out the tweet above last night during the massacre. If there was someone in Cleveland that didn't hate LeBron yet, they certainly aren't a fan anymore.

So, kids, as we continue to wallow in the sad misfortunes of our football team, remember one thing. At least we're not Cleveland.


  1. You gotta love the ego on Lebron. "God sees everything" and "Karma is a bitch." Really, Lebron? So the moral of the story is if you aren't nice to Lebron, God will hate you. Because, you know, God isn't concerned with the terminally ill or AIDS in Africa...all he thinks about is Lebron.

  2. what did Lebron James ever do to anybody besides play amazing basketball? I was down with LBJ and his sneakers from day 1, and i'm gonna stay on the like train. I watched him fly in person (2005 at the Sixers game where Team Break Skate from ABDC1 performed at halftime, and Chris Brown gave out a free post game concert that no one cared about) i seent it. He's crazy great, and great people have crazy egos. Thats part of what makes them great. There's just too much damn media, is the problem.

  3. I was there!!! Team Break Skate! Haha.