Wednesday, January 12, 2011

The Bimbo Controversy

As you may have heard yesterday, the Philadelphia Union signed a $12 million deal with Bimbo Bakeries that will place their logo on the chest of the jerseys. If you're not familiar with Bimbo, you obviously don't live around many Mexicans.

Not surprisingly, this has pissed off a few locals as they feel the team has "sold out" to corporate money and severely uglified their uniforms. ESPN Girlsports even ran an article claiming that the sponsor may be SEXIST. While claiming that the name of a bread company is sexist is 1000% retarded, I can agree that this makes the uniform look terrible. But there's no reason to get all shocked and disgusted by this -- it's SOCCER. This is what they do.

Plus, let's take a look at the uniform of a purely American sport. To an outsider, this shit is infinitely more ridiculous.

h/t CrossingBroad for pic


  1. I would quit my sport if I had to wear either an M&M or Pennzoil jumpsuit all the time. Do I really have to take pictures wearing it if I win?! Can't I rip it off like RIcky Bobby and claim to be on fire instead?!

  2. How do NASCAR suits look more redic to an outsider??? Racing is one of the worlds most popular sports and Formula 1 drivers wear the same stupid shit...Not that i'm a fan of NASCAR or racing, but this post is FAIL.

  3. point noted, but i still havent seen an F1 guy with giant green Nicorette flames flying up his pants.