Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Even in Retirement, Matt Geiger Still Underperforming

Matt Geiger, former unathletic 7 footer for the Sixers and albatross contract owner, just sold his Florida mansion for $8 million. That's only after having it on the market for three years at an original listing of $20 million. Among a shitload of other amenities, the property has 6 bedrooms, 8 bathrooms, sauna and cabana rooms, a shark tank, and a personal heard of livestock. This castle was also used as the home of John Travolta's character in the god awful shit-flick, The Punisher.

I may be too poor to know what a cabana room is all about, but I don't feel too bad for him. Even fetching far less than expected on the home, you know Geiger still has some of the $44 million he made as an NBA player to fall back on. I did the math - that 44 million works out to over $80,000 per game played in his career. Not too shabby for a guy was constantly injured and had a career averages of 9.2 points per game and 5.7 rebounds.

h/t Philly Sports Daily

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  1. I hate the guy as much as anyone, but he did have one of the greatest player themed give aways ever: the Matt Tiger. And let's not forget that he is the one that stopped the 76ers from trading away Iverson during the summer prior to their trip to the finals. Overpaid, but he saved us from years of an injured Grant Hill.