Monday, January 24, 2011

Jay Cutler Is Not Well Liked in Chicago

While it's probable that the guy above had this gem of a jersey way before yesterday's game, it's certainly much more appropriate now after yesterday's events. Chicago, or at least a loud minority of Bears fans, hates Jay Cutler. A lot. Hell, they are burning his jersey EVERYWHERE. Do a quick search on Google and trust me, it's gone from bad to worse quickly.

As our own Chris pointed out earlier, I doubt that Cutler really quit on his team. Reports today have his MRI coming back with a Grade II tear in his MCL. Anything with "tear" seems like a pretty big deal. Plus, it's not like the Bears have a great o-line, Cutler probably would have gotten killed the rest of the game if he stayed in. If your QB can't stand or push off one of his legs, he's probably best suited on the bench.

But, hey, at least Eagles fans never burned McNabb jerseys! Right? Or did we? We did? Oh.

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