Monday, January 31, 2011

The Sixers Would Like You To Sit On Deez Nuts

By TWW friend Eric

76ers Community Assist is a program where players, coaches, season ticket holders, and businesses donate tickets for youth groups to attend games. The Sixers get to fill up some empty seats, the kids get to see a free game, and absolutely nothing funny happens...until they decided to create names for the groups based on the player that donates the tickets. For instance, there is Mo-Reese's Pieces for Marreese Speights, Jrue's Dream Team for Jrue Holiday, and LouWillVille for Lou Williams. Every player has one...even Darius Songalia. The name for his group? You guessed it: D's Nut House. Section 211 of the Wells Fargo Center has a 20-foot banner that says "D'S NUT HOUSE". The jokes write themselves really.

"Come on down to D's Nut House. You haven't had nuts until you've had D's Nuts."

[please excuse my shitty camera quality]

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