Monday, February 21, 2011

The Brind' Amour Face

By TWW friend 'Anonymous'

They call it, "The Brind' Amour Face." It's when you flare your nostrils and lips and don a blank stare, thus appearing ugly and stupid, yet intimidating all at the same time... in the face. It's known world wide, from Philly to Carolina, and everyone does it in intense situations such as feeling for ripe melons and/or winning face offs. Actually, I'm the only one that does this face. But I do it for fun, out of love. Roderic Jean Brind'Amour was born doing it.

It's not just Rod Brind' Amour's puck blasted face that got his no. 17 jersey retired last night in Carolina, It was his work ethic and determination, his talent and skill, his championship caliber leadership, and his thick thighs. His dedication to the gym is obviously the reason he holds the Flyers franchise record for consecutive games played. He looks pretty passionate about tanning and laundry as well. He kept himself in great shape for his 20 plus year career. I mean, shit, he played in Philly for 9 years, when we traded him to Carolina he was old, and then he goes and plays 10 more years, and wins The Cup in 2006! Crazy healthy.

He is best known as a face off winning machine. The combination of his strength and face makes out drawing him nearly impossible. He is also regarded as a great defensive forward, which he won a Selke Trophy for, in 2006. What I will always remember, is how many open nets this man missed while wearing the Orange and Black. Don't get me wrong, he was a prolific scorer, about 25-30 goals a year, all I'm saying is that he could've easily scored 85 goals a season.

It's easy to understand why the Carolina Hurricanes honored Brind' Amour by retiring his jersey. He is a hockey Icon in both cities. Clearly a fan favorite for both the Hurricanes and the Flyers; he practically built the Hurricanes and won the Stanley Cup, and I still see at least 15 Brind' Amour jerseys every time I go to a Flyers game. That's why it was cool to see the Flyers organization honor the night, not by sitting in the dressing room during the festivities, but actively engaging in the ceremony by having all the Flyers wear no.17 Brind' Amour jerseys during the pre-skate and banner raising. Brind' Amour is our guy too, and he recognized that in his speech. It was real classy by both franchises. Props to the Carolina fans who cheered the Flyers for their participation, that was nice. We're all a bunch of nice guys ova' here.

And then we lost 3-2.



  1. Why is the only WW writer that knows anything about hockey anonymous? Bring this guy on full time plz.

    And yes, it was a very classy and touching ceremony. Rod is easily one of the ugliest dudes of all time, and thats awesome.

  2. He's like Batman. Nobody knows his true identity. Except everyone knows Batman's true identity so he isn't like Batman. He's like Dr. Claw.

  3. I know who Dr Claw is... Your Mother.

    Different Anonymous.