Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Chooch: The Best Player on Earth Post

By TWW friend 'Anonymous'

I know what I am about to say will be met with a lot of mouth farts and head shakes. Many of you will say, "Hey, Anonymous, stick with your obligatory hockey posts and smart ass comments in the comment section." But I keeps it real.

So here it goes: Carlos Ruiz should bat fifth. I, 2, 3, 4, FIF.

Backwards ? Estoy Loco? Maybe... but Chooch is the most underrated player in baseball, both offensively, and in his ability to call a game. Honestly, how many great Phillies moments have you enjoyed at the courtesy of, Ruiz? A lot is the answer. Chooch is clutch. My man, batted .302 last year. Sure, he only had 8 homers and 53 RBIs, but he was just filling his role. He strikes me as a Juan Castillo type, maybe because I perceive them both as Mexicans, or maybe it's because I believe that given the opportunity, Mexicans, no matter what country they are from, will do whatever job is asked of them. Just look at Albert Pujols, Alex Rodriguez, Mark Teixeira, and Juan, from the pizza place... What do all these men have in common? All Mexican, all superstars. I think a hora es aqui para el Chooch.

Of course, I'm only suggesting this line-up against lefties. He's a righty, and we know we need one of those. We've seen his power, and we know he has the capability of getting hot. I'm all about batting him fifth. Still worried about Chooch's numbers? Let's compare them to World Series Champion, Buster Posey's numbers: .305BA, 18HR, 67RBIs. Posey bats in the top half of the Giants lineup, and Ruiz is better than Buster fuckin' ass Posey. You're tellin' me Chooch can't put up those numbers? I can't believe no one is even suggesting it. Let's look at it.

Versus Left: S- Rollins; R- Polanco; L- Utley; L- Howard; R- Ruiz; S- Victorino; L- Ibanez; R- Francisco
Versus Right: S- Rollins; S- Victorino; L- Utley; L- Howard; L- Brown; R- Polanco; L- Ibanez; R- Ruiz

All I know is, that when MLB The Show 11 comes out, this is gonna be my franchise mode lineup. Chooch is a steal in fantasy baseball too. He's ranked like 350 something and everyone knows it's hard to get a good catcher past the 6th round. Fuck Carlos Santana, I'm grabbin' Chooch, late... no homo. It's a stretch, but I'm just thinking outside the caja.



  1. I love Chooch. I think he is underrated on a National level, but I think he beginning to get overrated on a local level.

    In his 4 full seasons he has hit over .260 once. That was last year. You are banking on last year being the rule and not the exception. I can't be so sure.

    Posey also put those numbers up his rookie year in only 108 games. If you think that Posey stays at that level without getting better you are nuts.

  2. i love that "Mexicans, no matter what country they are from" lmao

  3. This racism is killing me inside

  4. my favorite part is the inclusion of Mark Teixeira as Mexican even though he's American and was born in Maryland. But with all those E's and I's surrounded by an X, you can never be too sure

  5. It's nearly impossible to find a catcher who is such a complete package. His intangible ability to call great games is inevitable. However, DM hit the nail on the head. It was a good year for Chooch. Ibanez is in a contract year and is going to turn it on...have you seen his beard (and his 2008 numbers)??? The production from Ibanez in the 5 hole would be so much better than what Chooch will give you, despite Raul being a lefty. Also, the left-handed pitchers in the NL East really aren't so intimidating that you would see him batting in the 5 spot that frequently.

  6. I am totally on board with Chooch batting 5th against lefties. Love the lineup v. lefties.

    However, I don't like the idea of Polanco batting 6th against righties. For Righties: Rollins-Polanco-Utley-Howard-Francisco-Victorino-Ibanez-Chooch