Friday, November 20, 2009

Junior Seau Gets TV Show, World Wonders Why

While driving into the city the other day, I noticed a billboard for a brand new sports-reality show called ‘Sports Jobs With Junior Seau’.

Sigh. I wish TV didn’t suck.

I wish even more that bad TV didn't piss me off the way it does.  I mean seriously… how does this crap even get green lit?

The premise is simple – cameras follow around former recently un-retired NFL linebacker and fish taco connoisseur Junior Seau as he goes from one random sports job to the next in each episode. Here’s the problem – the jobs they chose for the show are lame and not at all interesting and, more importantly, nobody gives a shit about Junior Seau.  Think Shaq VS meets bizzaro Pro's vs Joe's meets steaming pile of doo-doo.

What are the mini adventures Seau will get himself into you ask?

Rodeo clown, UFC corner-man, stadium construction, MLB batboy, NHL equipment manager, arena conversion crew, IRL pit crew, and an LPGA golf caddy.

That’s programming genius right there folks.

I can’t wait to not watch this.


  1. God knows where Versus gets the money to litter the entire new york subway system with ads for this. That rodeo dough must be pretty long

  2. dude, the whole time I thought this show was called, "Hand Jobs with Junior Seau."