Wednesday, December 2, 2009

The Day the NFC overtook the AFC

The complete domination of the Bill Belichick-coached Patriots by the New Orleans Saints on Monday night was a signifying moment in the NFL.

The Pats had no answer for the Saints' offense. The precision passes from Drew Brees, the size of the Saints receivers, the punch of the ground game -- the Patriots young defense weren't prepared or physically able to stop New Orleans. On defense, the brand new starting corners -- especially Mike McKenzie -- stepped up like Channing Tatum and held Randy Moss and Wes Welker to under 100 yards combined. This was a statement by the class of the NFC to the league and to anyone paying attention at home: the AFC is no longer the stronger conference.  Pictorial evidence!

With the help of Microsoft Paint and!

Sure, both leagues have four greater-than's each, but the strongest teams at the top are all NFC.  You think Indy is better than New Orleans?  You think Denver is better than Philly? You think the Bengals (although I like them) are ready to win two playoff games and a Superbowl?  You're crazy.

NFC wins.

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  1. I think the big tests are coming up, when the Bengals meet the Vikings and the Cowboys meet the Chargers. So far the AFC and NFC division leaders have met twice, with the Colts killing the Cardinals and the Saints killing the Pats. It will be good to see what the other top teams do against each other.