Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Sixers to Iverson: Ball's In Your Court

Allen Iverson can be a Sixer again if he wants, he just has to sign. According to CSNPhilly.com the Sixers have offered Iverson a non-guaranteed contract, something that may be a deal breaker for the All Star guard.

It had been reported this morning by ESPN.com's Mark Stein that, if he were to return, the Sixers were aiming for Monday's home game against the Denver Nuggets as the target date for his re-debut. All reports this afternoon still have that as the logical date for Iverson's first game back with the Sixers.

The Three Ed's (Stefanski, Snider and Jordan) met with Iverson in Dallas yesterday, no doubt as a precursor to a contract offer. It appears now, as long as Iverson is ok with accepting a non-guaranteed contract, that only a sudden change of heart can stop AI and Sixers from re-uniting.

Folks, you best go get your tickets for Monday now. There may just finally be some buzz back in the Wachovia Center.

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  1. The Three Ed's--- would have been a perfect time for an Ed Edd and Eddy drop. Anyway, Hell yes! Iverson is home!