Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Real News: Eagles Ink Celek

ESPN is reporting Brent Celek and the Eagles have agreed to a six-year contract extension.  The deal is expected to be finalized today and announced later this week.

Six years is a long time, but we all know that NFL "contracts" mean nothing anyway. 

But in all seriousness, Celek has earned it and it's a smart move.  He's stepped up huge for the Eagles at a position where they're extremely thin, and has proven to be a great asset for McNabb.  He doesn't quit on plays and only drops balls when his thumb is jacked up.  He's 5th in the league in yards among tight ends and tied for 4th in touchdowns.  And most of all, he's not LJ Smith, so he's that much more likeable.

So congrats on cashing in Brent.  We'll talk to you in a few years when you're Mr. Cranky Pants after realizing you're just another name on the long list of Eagles players who figure out that signing a deal this long may not be in your best future, financial intrestes. Here's to seeing you get released just as your skills decline and pay increases.

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