Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Perfect Seasons?

Can both the Saints and Colts go undefeated? Well, of course not, that's impossible. Will this post serve as a jinx to make sure neither does? Yes, absolutely. Is that Mr. Perfect? Sure is!

Week 12 was supposed to be a difficult week for the Saints and Colts, facing the Texans (on the road) and Patriots (at home) respectively. Tough matchups to be sure, especially considering that the Texans always seem to play the Colts tough and that the Patriots are, well, the Patriots.

However, the Colts, after spotting the Texans 17 points, exploded for four second half touchdowns in beating the Texans 35-27. In the process they secured yet another AFC South title and became the first team in NFL history to win five straight games in which they trailed in the 4th quarter.

Peyton Manning continues to prove he's the greatest regular season quarterback in history, having won 72% of his games over the last 10 years. The Colts have now won 10 or more games in 10 of his 12 seasons, and (with one more win) will have won 12+ games for seven straight seasons.

The Saints, after falling behind 7-3 early, put on a passing clinic Monday night with Drew Brees throwing five TD passes to five different players. The Patriots defense was incredibly overmatched all game, as the Saints averaged 16 yards per pass and 4.3 per rush. They had pass plays of 68 and 75 yards and Brees registered a perfect passer rating. Oh, and the defense? They picked Brady off twice and held Randy Moss and Wes Welker under 100 yards receiving combined. All added up to a convincing 38-17 win.

So, with the Colts seemingly coming back from near defeat every week and the Saints crushing everyone in their way, the question must be asked: Can these two teams possibly go 18-0 and meet in (what would become) the greatest Super Bowl matchup ever?

First lets take a look at the schedules:


Week 13 - vs. Titans; Week 14 - vs. Broncos; Week 15 - @ Jaguars; Week 16 - vs. Jets; Week 17 - @ Bills.


Week 13 - @ Redskins; Week 14 - @ Falcons; Week 15 - vs. Cowboys; Week 16 - vs. Bucs; Week 17 - @ Panthers.

Looking at the two schedules the Colts have the much tougher road. The Titans are the hottest team in the league not named the Colts or Saints, but they do get them at home which helps. A road game in Jacksonville isn't easy, but if they make it to Week 16 without a blemish I don't see them losing to the Jets or Bills.

The Saints play two tough division road games against the Falcons and Panthers but honestly I don't seem them losing either game. A Week 16 matchup against the Cowboys may be tough, but Romo sucks in December. The Redskins and Bucs offer no challenge whatsoever.

Honestly, I would be incredibly suprised if the Saints aren't 16-0 by the playoffs. Unfortunately, I see the Colts going 15-1, losing this upcoming week to the Titans.

But what about the Super Bowl? Ultimately, the football gods rarely give football fans the games they want (Steelers - Eagles last year, Patriots - Packers in 2007, Broncos - Vikings in 1998, just to name a few) so I doubt the Colts and Saints meet in the Super Bowl. We're more likely to get something like the Vikings and Chargers, certainly a good game, but not what people want.

Either way, let's open up the discussion! Do you see either team going undefeated? Is a Colts-Saints Super Bowl in the cards? Can the Eagles spoil the party and win their first championship since 1960? Did Tiger Woods cheat on his wife? We need answers!

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  1. Saints will, but the Colts wont. I cant knock an undefeated team really, but I dont think the Colts are as good as their record at all. I wouldnt be surprised by them losing to any AFC team with a winning record. The Saints are for real tho...only Minnesota could knock them off. oh, and Eldrick def cheated too.