Thursday, December 3, 2009

Dolla Dolla Bills Yall - Week 13

It's Thursday already and time for another round of NFL spread picks.  The NFL Network is showcasing yet another gem tonight as the Jets take on the Bills - in Canada.  Seriously, do they put the least appealing games on Thursday on purpose?  Shouldn't they try and make this at least somewhat appealing, you know... for ratings purposes or something?

So since you won't bother watching that... have fun getting loaded at your local drinking establishment this evening! 

Picks after the jump...

Parlay lock of the week:
Titans (+7) over COLTS
Patriots (-5) over DOLPHINS
GIANTS (+1.5) over Cowboys
Vikings (-4) over CARDINALS

Take the points, these teams just might win outright:
BILLS (+3) over Jets
JAGUARS (+1) over Texans
Buccaneers (+6.5) over PANTHERS
Ravens (+3) over PACKERS

How to bet the games being played in Ohio:
BENGALS (-13) over Lions
BROWNS (+13) over Chargers

The game the odds-makers want you to think is a trap, but really isn't:
Saints (-9.5) over REDSKINS

Teams you should bet on even though their QB's are out or still half concussed:
STEELERS (-14) over Raiders
FALCONS (+5.5) over Eagles

The game that could really go either way:
49ers (-1) over SEAHAWKS

The teams who've screwed you over a bunch of times this season, but will actually come through this week:
Broncos (-5) over CHIEFS
BEARS (-9) over Rams

Enjoy the games everyone!

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