Saturday, December 19, 2009

Dolla Dolla Bills Yall - Week 15 NFL Spread Picks

Last weekend I went to Delaware Park to get the only legal gambling fix available to us east coast fools.  Did I walk away a winner?  No, I certainly did not (damn parlay betting).  But I did have an afternoon full of excitement at what ended up being an incredibly cheap price. 

You should definitely take the trip with a few buddies and enjoy a Sunday afternoon down there before the season over.  You won't regret it - even if you don't hit it big, it's a great time of football watching, yelling, and beer drinking.

Without further ado, the Shark's Week 15 picks...

Your parlay of the week:
STEELERS (-1) over Packers
Falcons (+6) over JETS
Texans (-11.5) over RAMS
Giants -3 over REDSKINS

The blowout game of the weekend:
Cardinals (-12) over LIONS

The teams that are going to keep games closer than the line wants you to think:
49ers (+9.5) over EAGLES
Bears (+11) over RAVENS
Raiders (+14) over BRONCOS

The dogs that might win outright:
Cowboys (+7.5) over SAINTS
Bengals (+7) over CHARGERS

The team that got its' manhood took last week and will bounce back with a cover:
SEAHAWKS (-7) over Buccaneers

Insert your clever headline here:
TITANS (-4) over Dolphins
Patriots (-7.5) over BILLS
Vikings (-9) over PANTHERS

The game nobody gives a shit about.  Even you.  You degenerate.
CHIEFS (-1.5) over Browns

Good luck and enjoy this weeks' games everybody!

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  1. I keep telling you, Chargers are a great team, and seemingly the only AFC team which could beat the Colts...they are too good.